Technology - Infusion


BlueWind´s infusion process enables to manufacture ten nacelles a week with just one set of molds, while other companies need two.

We also guarantee that our mold will have a lifespan of 1,000 parts, against competition's five hundred.

Our optimized production process directly translates into lower project costs.

In addition to infusion, we also employ the following advanced technologies:

Technology - Pultrusion


Through the pultrusion process, we are able to manufacture lightweight profiles, immune to corrosion, with a high modulus of elasticity and high tensile and flexural strength.

Our pultruded profiles can be used across different industries, such as architecture, agricultural implements, transport, tools and manufacturing in general.

Technology - Light RTM

Light RTM

Light RTM is a process that offers an excellent surface quality and allows a good finishing on both sides of the composite part.

It is a very flexible technology, which allows us to meet all the specifications from the automotive, construction and infrastructure markets, among others.

Technology - Skin RTM

Skin RTM

Skin RTM is a variation of the RTM process which adopts a flexible counter-mold made from silicone instead of a rigid one. This flexible counter-mold provides a cost reduction both in the tooling and in the part, as well as allows a higher fiber content in the part.

Also noteworthy that the process does not require the use of consumable materials, making it even more sustainable.